Feel the other Bern: the Bern that means we need the Bern

Woah. Feel this Bern. I subscribe to the Arctic News blog from the climate scientists who study the Arctic climate change phenomena. Here is some hair-raising information from today's article, an infographic by the brilliant Dr. Sam Carana. It looks at the range of possible global temps in 2026, ten years from now.

Bernie's Political Revolution Will Happen

Have you wondered how Bernie would accomplish the political revolution? I’m a retired duffer long past the first flush of youth, but I bring news from the future. The political revolution is assured. Why would I be so confident? I think that the wave building underneath Bernie is so strong that it will sweep all before it when it hits the shallows of the beachfront.

Let’s orient ourselves to where we are here in sight of spring 2016. Bernie’s preparation phase in 2014 culminated in his entry into the primary race in 2015 at 3% in the national polls. He began the primaries with the dead heat stunner in Iowa and has consistently outmaneuvered Clinton because his trust in people unleashed a fabulous fountain of funding from people and the unlimited creativity of people. His candidacy created a seabed earthquake under the social ocean of American citizenry, which pulsed into being a rising wave of enthusiasm, such that his present campaigning across the Ides of March elections seems more like the triumph of a Roman conqueror, flowers strewn along the way. The enthusiasm for Bernie is now unmistakable in the body politic of America.

What lies before us? The second half of the primary marathon begins after 15 March, primarily in states that favor Bernie. Following the convention, we’ll enter the general, where the questions will be all about how Bernie will achieve his political revolution. The question of “How?’ will go from one primary talking point to a chronic question in the general. After Bernie assumes office, the issue will be acute, critical. Let me show you the beginnings of the how.

Celebrating Community, the Team, and the memory of The Pootie Queen

If i could tell you how being showered with a tsunami of love feels, I would. But I’ve not that great a gift with words, though wordsmith on occasion I attempt to be, this thank-you can not reach the heights of the largesse you good people deserve.

In deepest respect, the following has been composed in hopes I do not “overstep the bounds of modesty” as my foolish center-stage ego is wont do do on occasions. I’m leaning on great artists and metaphor to do the heavy lifting for me.

Academic Arrogance

Gonna start this one with a little anecdote.

I hate dull books. I honestly don't care if they're "Important" books, or whatever other marketing ploy has been used to sell them, they bore the shit out of me. Mostly because I can guess the plot, in about ten seconds, and it usually conforms to expectations. So with that in mind, I'm not even going to mention the title of the book I had to read. Just imagine the dullest, yet most "Important" book you can picture in your mind.

Ideology, Part One

The escape of one man into his dreams is the trap of ideology.

A person and his or her dreams is a phrase which covers a set of sociological phenomena involving the trick of self-actualization. No one wants to be considered a failure, and the prevailing complex of culture in the United States and many other locations is that to be considered a success requires beating the system, not merely finding a way in which to thrive in it.

Who to vote for in November

As awful and venal as the Clinton influence peddling machine is, there should be no doubt who should get your vote come November, if Bernie fails to be the nominee. We have gone from a situation where we had 2 Wall Street parties - the socially conservative one and the socially liberal one - to something a whole lot more dangerous.

50 ways to leave your lover

... or how to manage a bad blog break-up.

are there parallels between a real-life break up and ending a relationship with a blog? apparently so.

the reasons for the break-up aside, the aftermath of a bad end can express itself in anger, disappointment, some obsessive behaviors, and a desire to destroy the reasons for the relationship in the first place.

well, at least in my experience.