Open Thread - Wed. March 16. 2016 - Trump and Fascism

With the primaries in full swing now, the rhetoric has gotten very hot, some of which is good and much of which is bad, very bad. Barring any significant change, it is almost assured that the Republican nominee will be Donald Trump. The specter of a "proto-fascist" such as Trump being nominated by one of the two major political parties is frightening.

Seekers of Smooth Things

This election has radicalized me.
I will cry out against the capitalist system that destroys the lives of working people and the poor.
I will never give in to corporations having complete control over my awareness of reality.
No corporatist of any political party will ever have my vote, and moreover they have won themselves a foe.

My Fellow Berniecrats, Berniacs, and Berners

My fellow Berniecrats, Berniacs, Berners, or whatever else you call yourselves: I know today is frustrating. It was always going to be frustrating, at least through today.

Though we've lost some states today, the margins matter, and it looks like we will do better than expected in some cases. But in all, through today was always going to be our toughest slog. This is her finest hour this primary season, and that hour is coming to a close.

Bernie MUST win the Primary; Clinton cannot win the election.

(The headline is in caps. I just copied and pasted it.)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Republican Party filed a flurry of new lawsuits this week seeking reams of government documents related to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of state.

Alpha's Super Tuesday #3 Results Live Blog.

Hi guys, it's me again.

I will be dropping the results of the various states returns in here and just hanging out chatting as the results come in from today's Primary.

Drop in and join me if you are bored, we usually have a good time. Smile

Hope to see you in less than an hour!

GO BERNIE!!!! Lets see some UPSETS!!!!


Shakespeare on transgender

 photo DTempest-2609_fs_zpswxsor17u.jpgUniversity of British Columbia professor of English Literature Mary Ann Saunders is presenting at a conference which begins on Thursday. The conference is called 2016/Moving Trans History Forward: Building Communities -- Sharing Conections and it is being held at the University of Victoria. Keynote speakers are Jamison Green of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and SiriusXM founder Martine Rothblatt.

Professor Saunders' paper is The (Transgender) Tempest: Shakespeare as Trans Archive. She will be speaking, of course, about the character Ariel, the spirit who is the sorcerer Prospero's indentured servant.

On three occasions during the play, Prospero orders Ariel to take on female form.

Al Gore something something Hillary Clinton

The civil war on the left in 2000 was between the DLC/NAFTA/Third Way and the economic progressives.

Bradley lost. There followed an election rife with "Lesser of Two Evils" and "ZOMG Supreme Court".

An election that shouldn't have been even close was lost by Gore/Lieberman & the DLC/Third Way crew.

Who are still here, with periodic rebranding, still screwing progressives for the 1%.

Hellraisers Journal: Review of John Spargo's "The Bitter Cry of the Children" from The New York Times

Oh, room for the lamb in the meadow,
And room for the bird on the tree!
But here, in stern poverty's shadow,
No room, hapless baby I for thee.
— E. M. Milne

Thursday March 15, 1906
From The New York Times: "The Children of the Poor," Part I

In its March 3rd edition, the Times published an in-depth review of the newly published book by John Spargo which documents the suffering of the millions of children who are born and reared in poverty within our great American prosperity. Today we present part one of that review, entitled "Children of the Poor." We will concluded with part two in tomorrow's edition of the Hellraisers Journal.

Advertisement from The New York Times of February 17th:

Bitter Cry of Children, Spargo, NYT, Feb 17, 1906.png