A very good read, well worthwhile

Not perfectly straightforward and also a bit of a slog in parts, but one doesn't have to understand all of the references on any deep level in order to get the overall point at the end.


The title and subhead alone make a good teaser

Taking the hypocrisy out of the immigration debate

This country badly needs an honest and intelligent debate about immigration, but neither side appears to be willing or able to do so.
On the Republican side they scream "terrorism", when it's a proven fact that the immigration ban has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism.

The Most Consequential Debate In Human History

... at least you'd think so for all the heated discussion it has spawned.

Sigh. Once there was a dream of a site where a community of smart, kind and decent people gathered to organize and make change.

I've been reading through the various threads from Sunday this morning debating whether the word "bitch" should be verboten on this site. One side of the debate is adamant that its use is hurtful and sexist. The other side of the debate is adamant that it is their "right" to use it, regardless of whether it offends people.

Both sides expect the site moderation to side with them and enforce their rights.

If a picture is worth 1000 words...

My recent absence from c99 is due to emotional overload due to the ongoing filth of the HRC steamroller. It has taken several days of abstention from the media to allow me once again ability to resume communication on matters political.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a song may be worth 1,000,000 words. Music is the universal language. It can convey more emotion than words and pictures combined.