Chancellor Valorum Cannot Save the Republic (Biden is at Best a Band-Aid)

War! The Republic is crumbling under attacks from the relentless Sith Lord Donald Trump. There are very fine people on both sides. Evil is everywhere.

It must have been sad in the last days of the Republic. War had been raging for years. A war to save the Republic. And yet that very war had let the new Chancellor gain more and more power until the Republic was destroyed anyway.

I Think Bernie's About To Take Off. Seems Warren's Campaign Is On Its Heels In Defense, Admits It Didn't Think It Needed A Healthcare Plan, And A Dark Money Campaign Event Is Held For Her In Iowa.

There's not a lot of theorizing here. I just threw this together from various things I'm seeing, and from trying to glean as much as possible as to where it all stands in terms of moving this country Left.

I wish FDR hadn't run for President

It was really irresponsible of him to run when he had polio.

Our history would be so much better if he had just told everybody he couldn't handle the duties of the Presidency due to illness, and told the Democrats to run J. Hamilton Lewis. After all, Lewis was so much more electable and had so much more chance of beating Hoover.

Double dose of bad news--the loss of OPOL and Bernie

I too am saddened by the loss of OPOL. And hopefully he has respite from the earthly concerns which shape us all. His loss will affect something hard to measure, the influence of a political stance, founded in compassion and its twin empathy, which will no longer be heard or read. Memories, can be powerful, altering behavior of those sharing those memories; and without even realizing that behavior has been altered in others exposed such a world scheme.

Tulsi, the giant-killer: actions and themes

All fear Tulsi Gabbard. She makes politicians quake. She makes Donald J. Trump quake. Relax, Donald, Tulsi is no direct threat to you in 2020 and thus rest easy. Tim Ryan--shredded and rendered instantly impotent (translation: Tulsi cut his balls off in debate numero uno). The Camel had her humps amputated by the Tulsi saber. Although Harris is still limping around, a blow from which, although plateaued, she has not--and will not--recover.