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America's Dirty Tricks, Hypocrisy, and War Crimes in Colombia

For over 50 years the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) fought a brutal civil war that displaced millions and killed 200,000, mostly civilians. Finally a peace agreement was finalized in November 2016.
But not everyone welcomed peace. Right-wing extremists opposed the negotiations, and the agreement itself. Those extremists happen to be former president Alvaro Uribe and current President Iván Duque.

Progressive Punch--Cannabis and Shrooms

Well, one good thing out of this set of elections is that medical and recreational drugs did very, very well.


Four additional states legalized recreational cannabis yesterday, bringing the total number of states to 15, plus Washington DC and a number of island territories. The four new states are:

South Dakota
New Jersey

Oh the Irony! Houston Police Union Prez Puts "Dirt Bags" on Notice While Crooked Killer Cop Heals in Hospital

On January 28, 2019, a no-knock warrant was issued by a Houston judge, based on information provided him in a sworn affidavit by a cop with decades long "service". The affidavit stated that a paid informant had purchased heroin from a home in Houston, Tx. It was likely Same Shit Different Day for both the cop who claimed he'd received the heroin, and the judge issuing the warrant. But it turned out to be all but your typical SSDD!

Latin America Winning The War Against The War on Drugs

Most people know that 23 states have legal medical marijuana and four states have legal recreational marijuana (Ohio will vote on legal pot this November).
What most people don't know is that Central and South American countries, the ones who have suffered the most violence from drug prohibition, are moving far ahead of us in the fight to end this costly and losing war.