War Criminal

Donald Trump is a War Criminal. Arrest Him for Murder

I've been waiting to say that, "Donald Trump is a War Criminal". Like Obama, the Bush's and the Clinton's, now Donald Trump is a verifiable war criminal, a murderer. He has waged illegal war in Yemen and killed innocent human beings.

We have another murderer for president. A child killer. Another United States government criminal wanted for the crime of murder. Support that and it's on you too.

James Mattis, Trump's Secretary of War, is a War Criminal, Warmonger Imperialist

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"James Mattis is a Secretary of Offense." David Swanson

The president of some U.S. citizens, Trump, or whoever else is making the decisions for the president of some U.S. citizens (sorry man, I can't help it) has/have selected retired general James Mattis as Secretary of Defense.