Tulsi will campaign after DNC convention: A Sun Tzu analysis of Tulsi's campaign

Here in my SoCal swamp, I have the pleasure and sweet sorrow of being able to vote for Tulsi twice this year. The first time will be in several hours when I trudge to the local polling precinct. There, being registered as No Party Preference NPP, which is the official designation in the Golden Fleecing State given to Independents registered to vote, my privilege will be to request AND receive a Dem primary ballot.

See Bernie in a Different Light and Learn a Few Things About the Iowa Caucuses

I saw this video posted by our friends over at The Progressive Wing and it's the 3rd or 4th such video I've watched during this campaign cycle. The previous ones featured Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir, along with young staffers from Iowa and New Hampshire.

And Still We Vote



In the black community, voting has always been complicated.

We voted and yet you lynched us.

We voted and yet you incarcerated us.

We voted and you poisoned our water.

We voted and you tested your nerve gas on our soldiers.

We voted and you dissected, poked, and prodded our women's bodies as though they were little more than lab rats.

We voted and you redlined us into segregated cities that you knew were in flood zones, too close to the power plant, polluted with brown fields and toxic waste.

We voted but you taxed and gentrified us out of the cities to which we fled to seek asylum from the scourge of racial terrorism.

We voted in our own officials, bankers, barbers, beauticians, teachers, preachers, educators, and scientists, but you bombed and burned our Black Wall Streets to the ground. Then you voted to build a highway through it.

We voted and you called us "super predators" after we told you we needed better employment, better education, better healthcare for our sick and elderly, and land to plant and harvest healthy foods and vegetables.

By Delonte Gholston (lead pastor at Peace Fellowship Church, a multicultural, multi-socioeconomic community in the Deanwood neighborhood of Washington, D.C.)

Slavery By Another Name

spirit of selma.jpg

How do you defeat voter suppression tactics when it’s fueled by billionaires’ cash and partisan power? The same way the Voting Rights Act was first won 50 years ago.

Who, what, where, and why My vote is not for the established parties

So yeah, who to vote for? who to not vote for? and why? I mean 3rd parties do have it tough ever since the RNC and DNC conspired to lock or hinder 3rd party runners to avoid splitting the votes and diminishing their domination of the political scene in America.

If TwitFaceGoog (TFG) worked for Democracy...

they'd undertake a massive campaign to educate users on how to tell the difference between claims and facts. They'd grace the People with the reasoning abilities to know when something is proven, disproven, or needs more information before deciding its value.

Teach people how rhetorical tricks and manipulative tactics are used on them. Teach people how trolls operate. How to check the sourcing, and whether there is more than one source.

I threw away my vote yesterday

For the first time since 1992 I wasted my vote - I voted for some Democrats.
Three of them. None of them got as much as 3% of the vote, but that's not the problem.
The problem was that I voted strategically. You know, "pragmatically". I voted for some Berniecrats in the hope that I could help accomplish something in the Democratic Party, rather than my normal strategy of voting 3rd party down the line.

ALERT - DHS: We May Declare Elections System 'Critical Infrastructure'

I interrupt these regular pie fights of nothing burgers with an important update from Sane Progressive and the DHS wanting to declare our election systems "critical infrastructure".

Stop and think about that, if you can pull yourself away from gossiping at the water cooler, what would the "potential" be, if DHS took over our election systems?

Are our elections important to you? Just saying....

From Sane Progressive: