China versus the U.S.: will trade war become hot war? Falling into the Thucydides Trap

American politicians are almost unique in failing to learn from history--although M. Macron is giving our pols a run for the money (Rothchild's actually) by suppressing the Yellow Vests. The lesson I am sharing with you is not new. It's 2500 years old in fact and well documented too.

Why Is There No Violent Yellow Vest Uprising in America?

Widespread social violence, extreme income inequality, and rage at perceived injustice are the classical indicators of the onset of political rebellion.

By the indicators that are commonly used to predict violent political insurrection, America, rather than France, should have been the first to erupt into widespread street protests and rebellion. There are factors at work that aren’t being taken into consideration in the standard model, as will be explained, below.