Where the candidates stand on Free Trade

If you want to win the MidWest you have to oppose FTA's, but every single large corporation and wealthy donor supports FTA's. So ever since Bill Clinton, both parties have tried to obfuscate their position on the issue.

President Trump's position on FTA's is complicated.
He did tank TPP, but he's soft on TTIP.

Camelot Was More Than A Fairy Tale

It was a vision for the future, once which would have made the entire planet a very different place today had it been realized.

WindDancer 13's post, What the Media Would Like Us to Believe, looks at just one of the false visions We the People are expected to believe, in part so that we don't upset the profitably rotten corporatist apple cart. There are many more.

The Reason Hillary Clinton Refuses to Discuss the TPP

The TPP agreement has never been about helping average Americans obtain jobs. Its overarching purpose has been to ensure US corporations gain enough power to dominate international trade markets. More specifically, it was designed to deter China’s expansionist ambitions.

As CNN noted in April:

Really, this is about China.