Open Threat

Why is nobody talking about the upcoming war?

If you continue to avoid that subject, I quit.

Oh, that's why:
Pentagon orders departure of U.S. troops in Ukraine as Russia crisis escalates

I guess that means no war, right?

Please educate me uneducated reader. Waiting for lookour's Weekly Watch to understand what is going on.

Good night. Stay sheltered, fed and warm, all

Clinton campaign "warns" media to tread carefully

Hat tip to MsGrin

The Clinton campaign is slowly looking outside its bubble to see that more and more natives are getting restless. Thus comes the inevitable health push-back.

A more correct title for this article would be "Clinton's campaign threatens media". To quote from it:

Wash Post anonymous source says Greece threatened militarily during negotiations

I found this nugget (which I retitled) inside a Wapo article:

Report: Greek leader threatened with military hostilities

Greece’s dire financial straits meant it had scant leverage to push back against some of its creditors’ most onerous demands. ...

The moves are fostering a deep sense of resentment among Tsipras’s allies and a conviction that Europeans sought to humiliate him. During a pivotal meeting with Merkel, French President François Hollande and European Council President Donald Tusk, Tsipras at one point received a thinly veiled threat that if he walked away and left the euro, Greece risked going it alone geopolitically, too.

According to two officials in Brussels with knowledge of the exchange, the specter was raised of aggression from Turkey — a neighboring nation viewed in Greece as a historic antagonist.