The Weekly Watch

Talking Turkey about Giving Thanks

I hope you're all well fed and have many reasons to give thanks. As el, JtC, and Wendy pointed out this week, the mythology surrounding the holiday is farcical....celebrating the genocide of first nations peoples and the colonization and occupation of their lands...makes America great? Overeating, hyper-consumerism, and football are also typical of the celebration. In my corner of the world huntin' is another part of the tradition. This week we'll take a quick look at the holiday before delving into the news. (6 min)

The time is at hand. I am going to war.

There are times in life when decisions must be made. This determination has been gnawing at me for some time and has led to a deep feeling of emptiness in my gut. There is only one way to extricate this feeling from my being. Only one way to fulfill the hunger pangs of my soul. I must go to war.

With fork and knife in hand, I will, on this very day, Thursday 11-22-2018, be attacking, turkey. Lying there, smug in its wonderful aroma, adorned in splendid golden brown armor, prodding me, nay, insisting that I cross the line of table demarcation and carve it into various balkanized sections of deliciousness. I will then devour and digest its very existence and adsorb it unto myself. It is there for my taking, it is destiny. For this I give thanks.

But, as with this time every year, I will also be going to war with myself.