A thought to help you not be able to sleep tonight - technology

We take it for granted that as technology advances, year after year, we all benefit. Better computers!

Imagine for a moment you were a country isolated, and denied access to technology.

What would you do? You couldn't begin to reinvent technology. That's taken decades of the world's economy funding it to happen. Anything you could do for years would be childlike.

The Tech Revolution Needs Us

Technology is terrific. Technology is terrible. Or, in a mashup of Dickens with current norms of ahistorical, absolutist proclamations: these are the best of times; these are the worst of times. More accurately, as ecologists have long told us, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Technology is great, but we still gotta eat.

Thanks technology

Patterns: The Deep State

There are few opportunities for the general public to see The Deep State (TDS), people they influence and tentacles that reach into industry, non-profits and federal agencies. Bernie, Trump, 9/11 and now are a few of the times we have been able to view TDS in real time. The power struggle between CIA, FBI, Department of State and Pentagon has erupted into a non compliant public. I don’t think Congress is a major player anymore.

DNA as a storage medium for photos and other stuff

This one has nothing to do with politics but it does hit my own personal trifecta in that it has a biology element, a photography element and a big nerd element.

Technology companies routinely build sprawling data centers to store all the baby pictures, financial transactions, funny cat videos and email messages its users hoard.