The Weekly Watch

Choosing Survival?

How do we survive all the intersecting crises? There are strategies. A good starting point might be to stop creating wars and coups around the world, and follow up with the cessation of fossil fuel ASAP. We could perhaps manage to save our species, but it will take serious action. Can we overcome the powers who strive to maintain the status quo, and move forward toward sustainability, peace, and true prosperity? Will we even try? I don't know, but I do understand that there are ways to minimize our many impacts and increase the likelihood of human survival. Today let's look at promising practices and ways to create a stable future.


What matters in a president?

While it may be foolish to look to our political system for solutions to our problems, it is arguable that who is president at any given time matters. I used to be less certain about this. I had come to the view that any president was basically a spokes-model for the 1%, and hence the military industrial complex, Wall Street, the establishment, the oligarchy, etc.

Why there needs to be an educational revolution to accompany the political revolution

Currently I am working on an essay, and researching the literature on "sustainability" in preparation. And in all likelihood you could put most of that literature into the paper shredder, and delete most of its electronic files, and in the end you would be endangering neither the planetary ecosystems nor the people who live within them one bit.


We Can Have a Living Earth Economy—But It Won’t Be Easy

“I love mankind ... it's people I can't stand!!”
― Charles M. Schulz


It is very satisfying to point out the inequities in life, to rail against the obnoxious ones among us, yet in doing so we become the obnoxious ones. We become the person cutting into line at the grocery, or cutting off another driver trying to get out of the parking lot, just to secure our 'proper' place in line, but in reality just sowing more inequity behind us. Such counter-productive behavior is almost human nature; I myself can be obnoxious and casually, even unconsciously and inadvertently, spew inequities and insults toward others who will then cut me off as I try to exit the grocery parking lot later on today.

Personal Resilience: Resources On Growing Food

oh shit - today?.jpg
Good morning. Could we gather and share some of c99's favourite media resources on growing food?
Let's have a link collection of resources for growing food you like:
Internet site links, magazine links, government links, community links, store links, etc.
Let's hear about where you find help and information to grow your own food.
More yummy goodness below...

Local Resilience: Transition Town Totnes - the model for local sustainability

Here is some information on the original Transition Town, Totnes in England, taken from their website
Thanks to gulfgal for the transition town topic on this week's Wednesday OT.
I made four topic extracts:
1. Local Currency
2. Local Skills
3. Local Economy
4. Local Food
Please see more below.