Jeffrey Epstein's last violation--the laws of physics

The essay is not easy to write and likely won't be easy to understand if one is averse to facts. Ever since Sir Isaac got beaned by a golden delicious, the world became aware of Gravity. Gravity seems to be acting on everything and everyone on earth--except one Jeffrey Epstein, now allegedly deceased. Perhaps Mr. Epstein learned to overcome the laws of physics by consulting Stephen Hawking. For it seems to be almost a physical impossibility for Mr. E.

New book on Detainee Deaths Explores "Cover-up at Guantanamo"

Guantanamo has forged a place in the world’s consciousness as synonymous with torture. The world’s largest military force exerted its power over hundreds of prisoners held for years without rights or hope. Deep within the prison’s secretive recesses, over the years some of its prisoners met with death, most supposedly via suicide. But the circumstances of these deaths were shrouded in mystery and government censorship.

Little by little our eyes are being opened....but it is so slow and painful

We are about to see the end point of the Democratic Party scam that they called a "Primary". The Republicans are doing their version and the theater just gets more and more sickening.

Stealing the First Lady's speech has caused another wave of reaction to the well established disregard for truth or ethics that should be expected by now.

And one who survived

It's Transgender Awareness Week, which will culminate on Friday with Transgender Day of Remembrance. That's the day we put aside to enumerate or losses through murders over the past year.

The truth, which we sometimes try to avoid, is that we lose just as many to suicide every year. We try to avoid it because, as Bynn Tannehill puts it, "Those who want to drive transgender people into the closet, legislate against us, and stigmatize us, talk about it all the time in order further marginalize us. It is literally a matter of life and death."

People know that transgender people are at a higher risk of suicide, but why this risk is higher is often not understood by the public, or misused by people who wish us further harm. The statistic that 40% of transgender people have attempted suicide is used all the time to justify all sorts of things that have absolutely zero basis in science.