The Weekly Watch

Spring Forward

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Today Georgia standard time became Alabama Daylight savings time. I leave most of our clocks at this setting year round. Here on the Eastern/Central time cusp you just ask is that fast time or slow time. So we're back on slow time here at the house. Nature doesn't have to ask about time, blooms are coming on strong.


The Weekly Watch

Blooming Idiots

Spring has sprung in Alabama. It's the deep flush of sudden color...an orgy of botanical porn. Amidst this explosion of life is the insanity of our government, economic system, and environmental degradation. It is the nature and power of life to be hopeful...positive about ourselves and our future. But I don't see how we manage the transition to a sustainable global system. However, I thought it would be a worthwhile topic and I hope you will share your views.

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Trout Lillies