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The Converse of mysogyny, now weaponized by the GOP

converse2 | ˈkänˌvərs |
a situation, object, or statement that is the reverse of another or corresponds to it but with certain terms transposed: if spirituality is properly political, the converse is also true: politics is properly spiritual.
• Mathematics a theorem whose hypothesis and conclusion are the conclusion and hypothesis of another.

When did the meaning of 'transgender' become 'pedophile'?

That's what Autumn Murphy Hargrave asks in her essay at Redheaded Blackbelt.

This whole bathroom transgender issue in the news has me confused. I am not sure when transgender turned into pedophile. Today I listened to some guy from Georgia telling me to speak my mind on this issue. This is my piece of mind on the subject of transgender bathroom use and this is all I have to contribute on the subject.

I know transgender folks. I know gay and lesbian folks. I know pedophile folks too. The transgender, gay and lesbian folks I know are all a little freaky, a lot awesome, mostly normal, no less so than me or you. Some have families of their own. They all live lives built around home, hearth, community and tribe. A few of them are just starting out in this life. Young women taking those first steps they are into a never kind world. I love them or like them. Depending on which one. I have never once thought of any moment in their lives to be so different from mine, I could not trust them with my safety. Or my sons’ safety.

Trigger Warning concerning the inside.