Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter: text of speech for Rage Against the War Machine

Ritter's speech, as planned, expresses hopes for disarmament and peace. Here is the beginning. I hope you have time to read it all. Peace.

The Best Speech I Never Gave

Scott Ritter on Tank Realities

Ritter provides detailed information on the reality of tank warfare in Ukraine, as well as the maintenance nightmare as described by American veterans.

He also gives a history of the Banderite fascist Nazi armed groups supported by the U.S., starting with the CIA after WWII.

The most memorable part of this vital piece by Ritter is a quotation of remarks by Petr Bystron in the German Parliament.

Scott Ritter on Russian Military in Ukraine

This video starts without an introduction, so I don't know its actual date, but it sounds like this week. Ritter is on a roll here, making too much sense. I apologize if it has been posted and discussed earlier and I missed it.



Scott Ritter examines OPCW report on claimed Sarin attack at Khan Sheikhun and finds large discrepancies.

It turns out that both HRW and the OPCW relied on the purported 'NGO' called the White Helmets to provide samples, descriptions, photographs as well as witnesses to the event. Neither agency had their own investigative teams on the ground where the supposed attack actually occurred. Wholly depending on parties that have an invested interest in convicting the Syrian government goes against all norms of jurisprudence.

It is in this light that Scott Ritter looks at the claims being made of the purported Sarin bombing at Khan Sheikhun. What we discover is that the OPCW report rests almost entirely on evidence and testimony given by the White Helmets.