A Little Light for the Clouded Enlightenment

Image: On Jeopardy facts win; The Paragraph

The United States is the world's first liberal democracy, a product of the The Enlightenment. As such, the founders built it on the principles of unity, liberty, tolerance and equal rights. And they designed it to make policy based on factual knowledge and bathed in the light of reason. But, today, in the time of Trump, factual knowledge is getting clouded over in several ways.

What is a republic? Foreword # 2

To truly understand a republic, and its importance in the political development of humanity, you must appreciate the role of science. So let me ask this:

What do you think our government, our national policies, our national reputation and our political prospects would look like if 28 Senators and 162 Congressmen (or some similar number) were world leading scientists?

Promising new MS Drug and Model

On March 28th, the FDA approved ocrelizumab (brand name Ocrevus) to treat both relapsing-remitting MS and primary progressive MS. This is the first time a therapy has been available for severe forms of the Multiple Sclerosis. This follows upon the heels of spectacular results from a pair of major international clinical trials led by Stephen Hauser, M.D., of U.S.Can Francisco, confirming that ocrelizumab can block the inflammation that drives the disease.

On the mental health of transgender children...Science!

More than enough people on the right think that transgender people transitioning is a sign of a mental disorder.


Dear Connie. I cannot speak professionally but can only repeat what professionals say about what you are going through. I believe it is called Gender Dysphoria, I hope I got the spelling right, and am saddened by the fact that North Carolina doesn’t provide the help you need to readjust from the mental disorder you suffer with. It appears that allowing you to use a bathroom, locker room or shower of your choice only reinforces the disorder not helps to correct it. As compassionate legislator I seek to help people who are suffering. If you are willing I can investigate promoting legislation to help those who suffer from this disorder and with your help can work to alleviate the pain and suffering caused by this disorder. I’m willing to help if you are willing to be helped and help others.

--NC Rep. Mark Brody, cosponsor of HB 2

Of course, Brody has no science supporting his view.

Government should “vindicate the oppressed, and restrain and punish the oppressor…”

What can be more appropriate than posting an old sermon on a Sunday? The sermon below was delivered to commemorate the new 1780 Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, one of the achievements of John Adams of which he was most proud.

Cognitive Dissonance : A Parable

          On 2 Dec 2016, one of my colleagues presented a planetarium show, "Black Holes Everywhere". This got me thinking about the hierarchy problem. I started writing "Black Holes Everywhere : A First Person Account" and immediately encountered an impenetrable barrier. Let me try to provide a context.