Buttigieg, just a country boy--Malta

Surfing comes natural to me. I love the water, the murkier the better, unless it interferes with snapping up dinner. George Webb is a fellow surfer, except he does it using computers. Well, I came across a couple of recent George Webb (GW) broadcasts. These concern one of our favorite Demonratic candidates, polylingual Mayor Pete Buttigieg, former Army intel and the virtuous Adam Schiff.

Adam Schiff running for president in 2020--that's not a joke, is it?

Those April showers bring May flowers....but, hey, this story is from February 2018. How did we miss this? My dreams have come true--unless HRC runs again (which I fervently wish her to do). So many stories, so little time...yet this story requires serious concern (cough, wheeze).