Scams R Us

Two Fridays ago, I was driving home from dropping my wife at the hospital to get her retinas photographed to deal with cataracts, when my cell phone rang through the car's communication system, and I punched the button on the dashboard to answer the call. A voice mispronounced my name and proceeded to recite my street address and then ask if I lived there.

Two more things Medicare-for-all won't cure: Robbie the Robot and the insider wallet raiding

A recent essay by The Aspie Corner about "how the Professional Class Kills Desire for Decent Employment" spurred a comment by me along the same vein (artery?)

The bait and switch playbook

If you're the "Conservative" base, the Republicans will promise to prevent or halt social progress of one kind or another. (The crazier ones will promise to turn back social progress) They'll blame problems with the economy on reckless liberal policies. They'll say that getting government out of the way of business will allow the jobs to come pouring in.