Theme and Variations on a theme by Hillary, section 1, part A

I came across this vintage article, but like classical music never seems to lose its allure. Just as a great Bach fugue withstands re-hearing many times, we are able to re-enjoy some sweet tastes of the recent past.

Theme: I shudda won--You Americans are stupid!

Variation 1: The Russians hacked me to death.

Part A: It's because of them that I had no platform.

Commenters Say the Darnedest Things. About Russia.


I've probably mentioned an untold number of times that I spend a lot of time reading comments that are attached to anything I read or research on the Internet. Somehow this really works for me. I come away with a context that becomes another pointer to the knowledge I store, but that's the least of it. So often, I find the most extraordinary information placed there by passers through — things that influence me more that the article they are attached to. True also, the comments can reveal interesting new trends and topics, and every once in awhile a fascinating participant will stand out who I'll remember to look for next time I return.

Yes. More Russia. Obama "tell Vladimir". Oh My

"After my election, I have more flexibility"

Wait. What?

Colluding with Russians! WTF!

No it just can't be.

Oh. It happened? It's on tape?

Who needs a back channel? I'm petting the knee of the Prime Minister.

Where dat Hillary at? Hey 30,000 deleted Emails!


BTW, the 1980's called and want their foreign policy back...

Today's Humor (3/2/17): More wisdom from Nancy Pelosi

Hold on folks, Nancy Pelosi must be inspired. But I am not quite sure about what she is so inspired. The presenile one does not heed Eleanor Roosevelt's famous advice:
Although people may think you're stupid, don't open your mouth and prove it.

Nancy has by now been coached by her "handlers" that Bush is not the President. Thus fortified with this new knowledge, she has jumped into action so blatantly illogical and hypocritical that one wonders why she even bothers.

Open Raw - Late 70's-80's Art, Street, Punk, Pop, Wavey, Music and a bit of present day politics

In my intermittent ongoing OT series on visual populist? art I have now arrived at the beginning point that triggered both this series and my graphic art so called career. The Russians are coming! Not now but then. So I was sick of being a waitress and went to art school as I was a half ass good artist who wanted to make a buck or two.