INFOGRAPHIC Timeline of FISA Abuse

This chart by Jeff Carlson at The Epoch Times is useful in searching the sequence of events of Russiagate. As noted in the subtitle, "In pursuit of surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, the FBI consistently ignored exculpatory evidence."

Bernie Sander swallows Russiagate whole: won't call out the nonsense

Those of you who think Bernard Sanders is "Mr. Right" or perhaps He Who Should Be President, please read no further. Your ears and eyes may bleed after reading this essay.

Pondering an appropriate subtitle for this essay, the following were considered:

The Camel's nose is under the tent (no reference to K. Harris)
The writing is on the wall (a la the curse of Babylon)
Lay down, roll over, and let me do it again

So many options.

Bernie defends Tulsi, so naturally Russia loves Bernie again

The Clinton Dead-Enders aren't very clever or original, but they can stick to a script.
First Bernie defends Tulsi from baseless smears.