Despite what you might have heard, Russiagate isn't going away

You might have been under the impression that Russiagate flamed out with the anti-climatic 2019 Mueller Report, that failed to prove any major Russiagate theories.
You couldn't be further from the truth. Here's a sampling of headlines since the Report.

The whole COVID debate is beginning to feel a lot like Russiagate and Stop The Steal

In all three of these "scandals" the biggest, most important facts are ignored, while the most vocal advocates focus almost exclusively on the minutia.

For Russiagate, the idea that $100K of puppy memes on Facebook would overturn a multi-billion dollar election is comically absurd. Russiagate enthusiasts almost never talked about how ridiculous this looked from a big picture view..

The Weekly Watch

Continuing COVID Confusion

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Discussion of the lab leak hypothesis on the origin of the pandemic is finally allowed. Is that because it adds fuel to fire a war with China (even though the US provided funding and support for gain of function research in Wuhan)? However, interestingly use of ivermectin as an effective treatment is still out of bounds and unacceptable. No, TPTB are suggesting an third dose of vaccine instead. Speaking of vaccines, I must admit it was nice to gather with old friends last week. We were camping outside, and I think everyone was vaccinated. About thirty folks gathered at the Florida Faux Festival, and our usual cadre of ten or so camped together. Made lots of music, and I feel like I'm getting my musical feet back. We also got in an eight mile canoe trip on the Suwannee, and went to four different and unique springs along the river. It was my first real dip back into normalcy since the pandemic began in earnest March of '20, and it was as refreshing as diving in the springs.

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Trump's "election fraud" = A more believable Russiagate

I'm seeing a disturbingly large number of progressives buying into Trump's bullshit.
I understand why - because we've already seen rigged elections.
However there is one huge difference - the rigged elections that we've seen were the Democratic primaries. Why is that important?


Michael Flynn vs the Deep State

Recent release of the transcripts of both General Flynn's December 29, 2016 conversation with Russian Ambassador Kislyak and FBI Director Comey's testimony to Congress of March 2, 2017 add immeasurably to our understanding of what happened with Flynn and the Ambassador and with Comey, Congress, and the public's perception.