Bernie defends Tulsi, so naturally Russia loves Bernie again

The Clinton Dead-Enders aren't very clever or original, but they can stick to a script.
First Bernie defends Tulsi from baseless smears.

House opens Obstruction of Justice Hearing, featuring convicted obstructor John Dean

In this stranger than fiction world we are witnessing awesome (in the original sense of inspiring awe) incursions into Fantasy and Science Fiction. Leaving man-made climate change aside (the potentially science fiction part aside), the obvious fantasies (plural) on the part of the hearing witnesses (save one) and many congress critters on each side of illusory aisle who claim that "Russia meddled in our election". As if the US of A doesn't meddle anywhere and everywhere.

Roger Stone challenges DOJ to prove Russia hacked the DNC

Roger Stone has challenged the predicate that Russia hacked the DNC and the admissibility of evidence using that predicate.

Roger Stone Questions DOJ on Predicate of Russia DNC Hack…
Posted on May 11, 2019 by sundance

Trump Derangement Syndrome

They can't let it go. The zombie Russiagate will not die...even though it is dead. Listen to or read this David Cay Johnston and Glenn Greenwald discussion this morning...
They can't let go of their own conspiracy theory.

Yet Amy just heard how russiagate helped Trump from Noam last week? (video or text)

But the best yet is Aaron Mate' and Jimmy's is an hour with no transcript.

Game Over? Not Really. The Time has Come to Investigate the Perpatrators of the Russia Hoax


This morning's press conference with Attorney General Bill Barr, as he released the redacted report of the Mueller investigation to Congress, came and went without a single surprise for any well-informed person with critical thinking skills.

The Seething And Contempt In Greenwald's Eyes About the "Joke and a Fairy Tale" of Russiagate Is A Watershed Moment. "The Games Is Over."

Just like the Muslim freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's courageous stand against the fascist duopoly's attempt to crush her for daring to not back down from calling AIPAC a foreign lobby was a watershed moment in confronting the uncritical support of a RW Israeli government, Greenwald's blistering takedown of fellow journalist David Cay Johnston, and by extension the entire American MSM, is another watershed moment in the growing divide between media corporatists (Neoliberals & Neocons),