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Real Estate: Where Russian Sanctions Go To Die

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that NATO countries won't do to punish Russian oligarchs for their support for Putin. To do otherwise is not an option. It's a moral imperative.
Well, they'll do anything short of cutting into profits for the super wealthy that have invested in real estate.

Is China approaching a financial crisis?

After the 2008 crash many central banks enacted low and negative interest rates for any financial institution that could borrow directly from the central bank, or indirectly from those favored financial institutions. This cheap money spigot for the wealthy, to the tune of tens of trillions of dollars, never got turned off until this year, when inflation finally crept into the economy.

Living with Mom & Dad

A boingboing item ( reports that:

More single adults living with parents than on their own for first time since 1880s

Specifically, they cite a Pew Research study to the effect that there are more single adults living with mom & dad than there are living out on their own.

Forget the Panama Papers; Most money laundering is in your face

The vast majority of Americans are under the impression that money laundering is something that is done by foreign dictators with shady banks in Latin America through anonymous shell companies. The Panama Papers revelation seems to bear that out.