Voters sent a clear and unmistakable message that they don't like conservative Democrats

If you watch MSNBC you probably believe that if it wasn't for some local politician in Seattle whispering the word "socialist" within earshot of a microphone, then right-wing Democrats in Minnesota and Florida would have won their elections.

Arrogant Centrist Dems Are Incapable Of Learning Self-Reflection, Humility

If there's one thing we know for certain, the Democratic party establishment only knows how to punch left and punch down.
This is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2010.


And this is what they learned from their ass kicking in 2016.

We may be Sick of the Impeachment Drama, but Those who Spoke up Bravely against Russiagate may need to do so again. Bernie’s Election Fortunes Could Well Depend on those few Brave Voices

Many of us watch with dismay the spectacle put before us, as august members of the house intelligence committee appear to wrap themselves into pretzels, parsing out who said what to whom and what could they have meant or didn’t – all in one conversation that lasted perhaps 20-25 minutes in all.