political revolution

More and more people are becoming aware of how screwed the 99% are with no help

to be expected from anyone on the political horizon, no matter the party.

In a constitutionally and systemically created “two party country”, we have allowed the one time “party of the people” to devolve into a co-conspirator that would have us all as slave labor feeding the wealthy, a country where those that have nothing to contribute to the wealth of the few are left to perish as useless eaters. A country where bloody empire for the profit of of an out of control military industry and a thriving new mercenary industry are gorged on the blood of those that are no threat to us in any military sense. A modern form of feudalism that is developing before our eyes, becoming further entrenched, and will destroy our children’s lives and livelihoods (our own as well of course but it is the children I feel will inherit the worst of it) no matter which party is in control, many feel one party is more in favor of such dystopian achievements than the other, yet I find they simply play off each other, taking turns, each party doing what it does best to achieve this neo-feudalism.

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Dying In a Corner of the Sky

With Bernie Sanders disposed of and the coercion of "moderate Republicans" underway, Hillary and the "Democrats" will continue to move further to the right, corporate power will continue to expand after the "election", the Constitution will continue to be shredded, the Pentagon beast will continue to prowl through the Middle East, there'll be finger pointing at Putin and fearmongering about terrorism every damn day of the week, by everyone in power, by everyone in the corporate media, by ever

The Sanders campaign and the party for the people in the crowd.

As I've explained before, and as I'll be explaining in a review of Jodi Dean's Crowds and Party (review forthcoming in the September issue of Capitalism Nature Socialism), there needs to be a “party for the people in the crowd.” Bernie Sanders appears to be calling off the political revolution, oblivious to the notion that the Democratic Party is about to evic

Transform the Democratic Party from within? Not gonna happen.

With all the discussion around reform, the political revolution and how to proceed I think it behooves us to understand what we may be getting into. One agenda for moving forward includes taking over or at least expanding our footprint within the Democratic Party. It's a sound idea: start at the local level and take over the party organization, get candidates who are progressives elected as democrats, and bob's your uncle.

When the Operation of the Machine Becomes So Odious

Another stolen election.

How many times do we have to see it?

How many times?

How much longer are we going to tolerate the corruption, tolerate the calculated deceit, tolerate massive voter suppression and rigged voting machines, tolerate chronic abuse of power and systemic obstruction of justice?

How much longer?

Go Ahead and Lie To Me . . .

What are those pathetic people supporting Hillary telling her? What are her corrupt superdelegates telling her? What is that strange woman who used to be Rachel Maddow telling her? What are Chris Matthews and the other reactionary robots at MSNBC telling her? What are Markos and his feeble frontpagers telling her, what are so many sorry ass people who can't handle the truth telling that posturing plutocrat princess?

Lie to me.

What This Has Always Been About

Progressives have always fought for racial equality, for social and economic and environmental justice. That's what we believe in, that's who we are and that's what we do. We've seen Democrats betray us and there will be no forgiveness, we've seen defeats and they've been traumatic, we've seen long years of reactionary attacks, but we're still standing, we do not repent of all the trouble we've endured along the way, our marks and our scars we carry with us.

America's Last Chance: The 2016 Presidential Campaign of Bernie Sanders

Electing Bernie Sanders is America's last chance to redeem herself, to confront the Oligarchy that President Carter and so many others have warned about, to shut down the crime syndicates of GoldmanSachs and CitiGroup, of Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, to put an end to the greed and lawlessness of the corporate establishment, to break the entrenched power of the degenerate political establishment.

William Burroughs . . .

So, that's how Pres. Obama sees us all?

Damn mistake to go through the recent diary list on dailykos. Of course I had to sneak into one that got over 1000 comments (huzzah Markos, it's good for your business, congratulations).

I am honest here, that was a diary and comment thread, which makes me want to move to a place somewhere over the rainbow. You expect me to write a real essay about it? No, I can't, I am just too tired of life in the "incrementalist's dream world". I rather go fishing.

Bernie at the Democratic Convention: Let Us Not Talk Falsely Now

The lies of corporate politicians are the foundational cause of every crisis America is facing. Let us not talk falsely now is Bernie’s message to the despised political establishment, to the depraved economic establishment, to the degenerate media establishment, to the degraded military establishment, it’s his message to everyone in power, to everyone in authority at every level of society, to the police and the judges, to business owners and employers, to every American trapped in this twilight struggle for survival as the pursuit of corporate profit strangles the economy and the GOP casts the shadow of fascism across the entire political system.

Let us not talk falsely now.