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Open Thread - 05-13-22 - A Cautionary Tale

Folks, don't do this.

The neighbor's pet chimpanzee escaped again last night. He sneaks across the yard, through the window, and loves to bang on the keyboard of my computer. I've lost count of how many times he's done this.

Soooo, after sharing some 25% Indica and a few nips of Crown Royal with Gunther last night, yeah his name is Gunther (he's Austrian, OK?), I woke up on the sofa with him sleeping at my feet. Now if that's not weird enough, I sat down at my computer this morning and I found an open thread essay all typed out and ready to go.

Well, here it is Friday morning and I've prepared nothing for today's OT, and since I'm not sure who exactly wrote this essay, Gunther or myself, I will throw caution to the wind and publish it anyway.

I'll let you discern which simian brain concocted this flatulation of imagination.

More below the fold.

Ukraine and General Jack D. Ripper

A decade ago a large group of neconservatives lied us into war. They told us that the war was necessary and that the costs would be minimal. The news media endorsed their every claim and were quick to call all of the skeptics on the left anti-American.
They were wrong in every way. They should have been drummed out of polite society.

SIPRI: Israel has close to 100 nuclear warheads

Report by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says there’s an estimated 13,865 nuclear weapons in the hands of nine states’, Anna Ahronheim, June 17, 2019,

I’m going to paste most of the author’s coverage of the report given that the technical information about the different kinds of fissile material used, the delivery systems, the numbers of nukes, etc. can be good to know.  What doesn’t seem to be covered, and may not be knowable, is the yield of any of these nukes: blast radius, ‘equaling X tons of TNT’, and so on. My ignorance on the subject is almost total.

Nuclear Nightmare

Nuclear nightmare is more immanent now as low-yield weapons roll off the assembly line, as James Carroll writes at Tom Dispatch, and the as the Nuclear Clock ticks closer to Midnight, as Scott Ritter writes at Truthdig. I am alarmed to learn from RT that Putin believes the Russian people will die as martyrs while the aggressors will simply die. But I am glad to see all this writing.

The Day After, the film and its effect on weapons policy

The 1983 film, The Day After, had a strong and lasting effect on nuclear weapons policy until the recent return to fascist death wish by the political leadership of the United States. I hope we can read and think about the importance of this film in the coming new year. Global Research has published an interesting piece on the effect of the film on Gorbachev and Reagan. Happy New Year.