The NFL's ability to fleece taxpayers is over

In the 21 years L.A. was without a professional football team, 22 new stadiums were built for 23 teams, with an average of $250 million apiece of taxpayer money for those stadiums.
It was a massive public subsidy for the billionaire team owners, that generated little or no public good.

Papa John's CEO whines about lost sales, blames NFL drama

I love watching shitbags like him make asses of themselves in public. He must have taken lessons from the DNC-Hillary Clinton School of Blaming Everyone Else For Your Problems. Too funny.

The NFL Has Managed To Diminish My Favorite Pastime

(Three years ago on the eve of the Super Bowl I published this at TOP. Thought I'd re-publish here today, in light of how the cross-section of fascism includes the massive pro sports industry residing squarely at the heart of corporatism and militarism. NFL coaches Rex Ryan and Bill Belichick are on record having publicly "endorsed" Trump, and the Fraternal Order of Police swung their weight behind him too.