Trump about to dump Bolton

Perhaps Darnold Trump is beginning to get educated about his self-perpetuated deep state/neocons. In the words of former president Shrub (43) "don't misunderestimate me". We all are learning about those plants made by others, such as Stefan Halper, including Carter Page, George Papadopolous, and many others. The sole purpose of these persons was to undermine Trump's presidency, even before it started.

Backstory behind Trump MidEast Troop Withdrawals


Not since the days of President John Kennedy has a U.S. President went up against the corrupt Foreign Policy Establishment, faced down their subversion of his policies and insubordination, and tried to truly wrest control away from the Elite Global Government planners and their Multinational Cartel structures (behind them and who had been calling all the shots).

Founders of the American Garrison State (1945-1960) - Part 2

PART THREE: The Founding of the National Security State

In the 1930s, the US was still "building out" to its continental dimensions. The Interior Department was on a dam construction spree that tamed wild rivers and brought electricity to the West. The Hoover Dam, built at the bottom of the Great Depression, was the capstone of these civilian projects. It enabled the prolific growth of Southern California, home to much military industry and to a rabidly rightwing electorate that would spawn Richard Nixon.

WW2 kept alive the spirit of gigantic national projects; it just shifted this build out to the military.

U.S. News Media Lionizes Barbara Bush (no hero)


The U.S. News Media, and the Washington DC Establishment kicked into high gear to lionize and shower extravagant and excessive praise on Barbara Bush after she died (at the age of 92), and by extension also advance the false (and dangerous) "hero myth" of the whole corrupt, treasonous, and tyrannical Bush Crime family dynasty.

Enough. Let's go to "Real" War and get it over with.

Alright. Admit it.

The USA is "significantly challenged" around the globe by rogue countries that have the GDP of either Maryland or Montana.

Russia? That's gotta be at least North Carolina.

North Korea? Rhode Island? We have 3 Naval Battle Groups circling the Peninsula. You tell me, has that ever happened before? China nervous? You betcha.

Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket?

The Saker has a very good article on the upcoming G20 conference at which Trump and Putin are scheduled for talks on the sidelines. In it he outlines the extremely low possibility that there will be meaningful discussions, mostly due to the intransigence of those that have taken complete control of the Executive Branch of the US government.

Is a Trumpian foreign policy beginning to emerge?

Even the most ardent Trump-haters have to admit that DJT has his work cut out for him, in part thanks to the die-hard Trump-haters. One of his campaign promises was to wipe-out ISIS. Many campaign promises were made but two of the most important were to end ISIS and start no more new wars--perhaps ending old one's inspired by Obama-Klinton-Soros.