Some Practical Advice for Nazi Smashers.

So, I'm watching the Antifa and numerous other groups that have decided to challenge the small groups of Nazis who infest our national discourse. It's really great that these folks have decided to attack the ONE group who everyone in the world pretty much agrees are slime.

However, let's be frank, They're doing it WRONG.

It is time for a reality check.

I read blogs and news and am astounded by the apparent lack of understanding of what has happened and is happening. This was not just another election. It is a coup and it has every chance of succeeding if we fail to realize it.
We have an interesting (for lack of a better word) cast of characters starting with Trump and Bannon and going from there.

The Filthy US/Nazi Lie at the Heart of WWIII

This lie has pissed me off about six times a day for the past three years. It's the worst form of Nazi-inspired, anti-communist, US propaganda. It is of the same calibre as the Nazi-style attempt to portray Russians as hacking the 2016 US elections — and deflect the blame from Hillary and the DNC who were warned they would lose if they tried to force this despised candidate on America.. So, I'm going to get it off my chest on the first work day of 2017.

After the US-orchestrated coup toppling the Ukrainian government, Neo Nazi leaders were installed to terrorize Russia. A World War II redux.

Eric Zuesse, the forensic historian and publisher of Washington's Blog, lays it out clearly. He, better than most, is able to articulate the Nazi doctrine that is being fully embraced by the US Deep State and a few of their most intimate allies.