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Hellraisers Journal: John Mitchell Under Attack at UMW Convention, Defends National Civic Federation

The strikebreaker is the hero of American industry.
-Dr. Charles W. Eliot,
Member of the National Civic Federation

Sunday January 28, 1906
From The Labor World - John Mitchell Attacked at U. M. W. of A. Convention

From the latest edition of the Duluth Labor World:


Again Brands As False The Accusation
That He Sold Out the Miners.

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INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 22.-There was a sensational scene in convention today which was an echo of the attack made on John Mitchell by Robert Randall, of Dietz, Wyo., in last year's convention. Randall charged Mitchell at that time with having sold out the miners in the Colorado strike and Mitchell made reply, branding the statement as a lie. Randall was expelled from the organization as a result.

Today a delegate named A. F. Germoi [Adolph Germer] of Mount Olive, Ill., made the charge that some of Randall's statements were correct. He presented a letter from Secretary Heywood [Haywood] of the Western Federation of Miners, in which Heywood denied the statement made in Mitchell's address of Saturday that Western Federation members were taking the places of the United Mine workers on strike.