Open Thread - Thurs 25 Jan 2023 - CityRocks and Privateers!

CityRocks and Privateers

I think the stress of the last few weeks has finally caught up with me. My thoughts and mind are completely blank it seems, and I can't get around that right now. So, let's do some fun music and this open thread is OPEN! Smile

In Hungary there is/was this 'thing' called CityRocks (youtube channel). It's basically a flash mob, 500 musicians or so, that get together and play songs. They started in 2017. And... they rock Smile .

Here they are playing some Queen - 'We Will Rock You!' And all I got to say is DRUMS!

Open Thread - Thurs 12 Oct 2023: Dance and Sing in Russian!

Dance and Sing in Russian!

I was gonna write a bit about the economy. But, there were some minor panics in the family arena: nothing major (parents' tax return from the accountant was late, one of their car's wouldn't run (until my husband touched it, then it ran!)); all hands on deck were needed for a few days. And then the new war (Hamas/Israel) started and I'm... yea. I just want to get my comfy-est blanket wrapped around me, put it over my head and mumble once in a while. Maybe I'll eat a gallon of ice cream too. Or this great apple tart Hubby made me. I'll peek out when something good happens, like, Halloween or something.

I think I'm getting too old, or I just don't watch enough current thought-manipulation, err, main stream media. All I could think when the Hamas/Israel thing started was, 'Ahh, now 'they' have another war! And we can all forget about the Ukraine thing which wasn't going so well! Just in time. Imagine that!' And, 'How did this Hamas stuff happen without the intel in the USA, Nato, Israel, not knowing?' I mean, apparently Egypt knew, and tried to tell them. So, were those poor people who died so awfully just sacrifices to gin up enthusiasm for a new war, which is really horrible, frankly? Am I too cynical?

Open Thread - Thurs 07 Sep 2023 - Music Rabbithole

A Music Rabbit Hole

When I started writing this open thread post I decided it would be about a rabbit hole into old music from my youth. But I forgot how, for me at least, much of the music I listened to when I was young was about or related to politics and social questions. Much of it... But not always all of it! Maybe that was true for all of us?

The rabbit hole started when I read about the death of Toto Cutugno. I don't remember where I learned of his passing, perhaps it was here? I had to go find the song... the song he was famous for, because parts of it suddenly sprung into my mind after 40 years or so. How? I dunno, but apparently I remember stuff from when I was young even if I only heard it when I was traveling in Europe so long ago (it was released in 1983).

Here's the song by Toto Cutugno: 'L'Italiano'. Sing or hum along if you suddenly remember it, dance around the house, the kitchen, where-ever.

Open Thread - Thurs 25 May 2023: When Johnny...

When Johnny:

I believe Memorial Day is a good thing, honoring those who have fallen in our endless and often stupid wars. It's not their fault they fought, they died and they should be honored for doing so. Of course, there should be a day for honoring protesters too, those who fought, got hurt, died. Heh, I'm dreaming.

A few weeks ago, I was listening to some songs off old cds and vinyl I'd moved to my computer. I came across Steve Earle and the Pogues singing 'Johnny Come Lately' back in the late 80's.

Here's a good video featuring the song. And here's a link to a video about how Earle and the Pogues recorded the song.