Max Blumenthal

There's A Very Dynamic Synergy Going On Now With Online Left Media, #BoycottMSNBC Is Trending Too.

This feeling has been present with me for a long time now. I've been trying to pinpoint it but can't really. It must have been around the time of the 2015-2016 Democratic Primary that it began to become more apparent and coalesce as a tangible thing to me. Perhaps two of the biggest examples have been the success of Chapo Trap House and the Jimmy Dore Show, both unapologetic, hilarious and radical shows (the former more dashingly radical than the latter) with tons of subscribers.

The arrest of Max Blumenthal: Trump shows his true colors

Author and publisher Max Blumenthal was arrested October 25, 2019. Blumenthal is as highly regarded, progressive journalist who digs up unpopular truths, such as the ongoing Venezuelan (VZ) US-orchestrated coup. The DC police, which most likely was the MPD, not the Capitol police made a big show of arresting him. They threatened to break down his front door and surrounded his house. He was arrested in his pyjamas but the coppers relented a bit by allowing him to take a warm coat.