A wrap-up of MAGA responses to the FBI raid

Zerohedge is a good place to go if you want to see everything the MAGA crowd might say without having to scour the internet for them.

How does one fight in an Internet-infested, money-dominated political system?

The old politics is dead. Citizens United granted unlimited, anonymous political bribery to the transnational billionaire class. The legacy media has been conglomerated down to six companies, while the platform media companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter) have instituted censorship and banning. Sock puppets, trolls, doxers, and other slime have demolished the promise of honest intellectual internet debate.

I need some help here. Immigrants.

So, Trumph is considering an EO to eliminate "anchor babies". There are Constitutional questions about this.

BHO implemented DACA by EO.

Was he just doing so based on overriding legislation passed by Congress or was he overriding Constitutional dictates?

Believe it or not, our MSM is choosing not to address this question. At least none that I can find.