jeffrey epstein

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

Can we talk about this meme for a minute?

Does anyone think it sprung up organically? Where did it come from?

Perhaps I’m a bit too cynical but I feel like these things are constructed by a think tank to frame the Overton Window.

The vibe I’m getting, is that it’s meant to put the blame on the Trump administration, as if anything that happens in the justice system is attributable to the current President.

It’s a sweeping insinuation of corruption.

Jeffrey Epstein's last violation--the laws of physics

The essay is not easy to write and likely won't be easy to understand if one is averse to facts. Ever since Sir Isaac got beaned by a golden delicious, the world became aware of Gravity. Gravity seems to be acting on everything and everyone on earth--except one Jeffrey Epstein, now allegedly deceased. Perhaps Mr. Epstein learned to overcome the laws of physics by consulting Stephen Hawking. For it seems to be almost a physical impossibility for Mr. E.

Epstein Procurer Ghislaine Maxwell's 1986 Frontpage Political Sex Scandal

Despite her 30 year career in political kompromat operations, the FBI and major media have ignored Ghislaine Maxwell. Here's where she got her start, as detailed in 1986 on Page One of one of her father's tabloids. Complete with canes and British school boys:

OMG--for once I agree with Nancy Pelosi (gasp)

Breaking news: Nervous Nancy has now proposed something which vaguely resembles human decency. Choke, gasp, wheeze. I can't believe I'm saying this but....Nervous Nancy demand Acosta resign

Thus, I can never again say that Nervous and is completely devoid of principle--or merely opportunism disguised as principle.