Iowa and Bernie--both in dire need of fixing. Does Bernie have what it takes to fix it?

By now the carefully planned clusterfuck which is the Democratic Presidential Primary (DPP) is unravelling unashamedly as a hopelessly prejudiced and controlled event.

No results. Some results. Whose results? Warren, Buttgiggle, ByeDone, Bernie, and anybody else claims victory in Iowa. Can they do this? Sure. Because nobody else can claim that they have more votes. Why? Because, in the words of Lamont Cranston, only the Shadow knows.

What a glorious night

Yes. Yes, it was.

Cable TeeVee: I found myself feverishly switching between the channels to see which anchor/election specialist/panel could find the most creative ways to fill air time with no news.

Let's go to Cindy at XXX HQ. Cindy what do you know? We're sure you're talking to your "on the ground" sources.

Ralph what do you make of this all? Well, obviously something is going on, we just don't know what?

See Bernie in a Different Light and Learn a Few Things About the Iowa Caucuses

I saw this video posted by our friends over at The Progressive Wing and it's the 3rd or 4th such video I've watched during this campaign cycle. The previous ones featured Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir, along with young staffers from Iowa and New Hampshire.

Iowans Awake! (Caucus Info)

If anyone is here from the state of Iowa, please see the following page--especially if you are an interested caucus-goer. The Iowa Democratic Party has changed the rules significantly, and comment on some of the change proposals closes March 13, 2019. Yes, the page is in support of Tulsi, but it would apply equally to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren supporters, or whomever you support.

Lawsuit filed against state of Iowa

Two transgender women, Carol Ann Beal of northwest Iowa and EerieAnna Good of the Quad Cities along with the ACLU of Iowa have challenged the Iowa Medicaid ban on coverage for transition-related medical services as being a violation of equal protection under the law "as promised by the Iowa state constitution and the Iowa Civil Rights Act."

Iowa man arrested for threatening trans boy

65-year-old Mondell V. Olson read a newspaper article about a local transgender boy's gender journey. The article offended him.

So, what to do? Mondell called up Nevada High School and left a voice mail. Twice. He left the message that he would kill, brand and otherwise mutilate the body of the transgender freshman.

Hate strikes in Linn County, Iowa

 photo Alyssa2_zpsbgyzlyme.jpgAlyssa Eve is a 23-year-old transgender woman who transitioned six years ago. One might think people had gotten over that by now.

But around 11:30 pm Friday Alyssa heard banging on the windows of her apartment.

She quickly called her mother, let out her Labrador retriever and went to investigate.

The first thing I saw was, ‘Kill yourself’ on my door.

--Alyssa Eve