Asia rallies behind Russia

While the U.S. and all of Europe react in horror to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the first, second, fourth, tenth and twelfth most-populated nations in Asia feel very different. It really doesn't matter whether you agree with these nations or not. The sheer size and proximity of these nations require respect.
The least surprising is China.

Incredible number of fake degrees, world of SLAVERY being created- yes slavery, whistleblower tells all.

This is what happens when your planets government is run by the rich fraudsters. They are all the same. This guy is one of the good guys, the You Tuber whose channel it is, doesn't understand what he's being told.

How Britain Denies its Holocausts (Books reviewed/relevant)

I recently read the books mentioned here, found them to be essential reads, and also find it amazing how the UK and US seem to have an infinite ability to whitewash our own recent past and the implications of same.

How Britain Denies Its Holocausts

The one nation flipping America the bird, and getting away with it

Venezuela only has one big export - oil - and almost no one willing to risk American sanctions in order to buy it. Europe won't defy us, and neither will much of Latin America.

But one nation you probably don't think about will dare to risk sanctions.