Niko House makes an interesting connection

Victor Pinchuk. Ukranian Parliament member.
Atlantic Council board member
$25 million in charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation
Atlantic Council is a partner with Burisma

How systemic was the corruption within the Obama administration, and who was really pulling the strings?

The Deep State blinks: pulling back from the precipice

Deep State, deep fake?

Foregoing discussion of what constitutes the Deep State, DS, consider one of the most prominent extrusions of the DS into our daily lives. It is called the government. The government as originally conceived by the intellectuals, was a social function which endeavored to provide for the life and wellbeing of the common folk. But government has never been such. Government always coerces the poor at the behest of the rich.

Another crazy theory of mine

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this impeachment thing.

The loser Dems are up to something ... and their superficial motivations don't explain it.

On the one hand, I support impeachment even though its failure in the Senate is a certainty. A line must be drawn, the record set straight for posterity. History will be our judge and all that rot.

The Weekly Watch

Gut Feelings

There really is something to a gut feeling. Seems our gut biome influences not only our brain but also the expression of our DNA. Before we get into the biology, let's use our gut feelings to examine and speculate about our politics, economy, and militarism. Then we'll listen to some doctors views on how we can improve our microbiome. Whether that improves our thinking or not I'll leave up to you.

gut dna.jpg

Now here's an interesting Ukraine theory...

Watching Crosstalk this week. Of course the subject was impeachment. It started off with the usual back-and-forth between Rob Taub of Newsmax going full bore in favor, and Lionel repeating the question "What crimes has he done?"

Christopher Neiweem who is a GOP strategist chimed in and nearly floored me. He said for all we know the Warren campaign could be pulling the strings on this story in an underhanded way of taking down both Biden and Trump.

Impeachment Party? Knock Yourselves Out!


Dear Establishment Democrats,

Thank you so much for inviting me to your Impeachment Party. It's really great to hear you've finally found something to nail Trump with. Good for you! You've been looking so hard these past three years. So nice to see all that effort finally pay off!

(Of course, some might say you should have spent that time looking for solutions to all the problems the country is facing, but hey, let's not get crazy! Right?)


Okay. Swell.

What's the "high crimes and misdemeanors"? Existing charges or evidence, by anyone with credibility, of an actual crime? Dirty old political crap as usual? Hillary? Hillary? Bill? FYI, Big Dog lied to a Grand Jury...

Haven't heard any of those yet. 2+ years of the Sainted Mueller turned up squat.