Impeachment 2.0 implosion imminent

At the end of this essay, you may find a song which reasonably applies to Donald Trump directed to Democrats.

How does one say Adam Schiff without laughing? It's hard to continue typing while contemplating the Burbank Buffoon. Yet AS is making obscene flatus-like noises about impeachment 2.0. He and Nervous Nancy will conspire with chief strategist Gerald Nadler about extending the charges of 1.0 to 2.0.

Second verse
Same as the first

Michael Tracey misses the point of the abrupt ending of the Impeachment trial

Watch this video and see that Michael Tracey completely misunderstands what is going on here. This is not a matter of legality. This impeachment travesty is a total fuck-up. Trump is more popular, the campaign funds for his and down-ticket Repugs are swelling, the Repugs are more united. Yeah. The operating principle is not integrity. It is not Justice. It is not the revelation of Truth. This is pure politics, Michael. You don't get it, obviously.

Impeachment trial turns its ugly head, ready to eat its mate, praying mantis style

The title of this essay was gonna be SOS / DD (Same Old Shit; Different Day). And it's true. Like a soap opera in which it takes an actor one week to get inside the house, sit down for dinner, and spill gossip, not much has been going on in the Senate. So boring that one channel cut away from Impeachment Hearings (a hearing which I temporarily solemnize with important looking capital letters) to broadcast the regularly scheduled soap opera.

After Impeachment: the Guns of November, 2020?

The elites aren't totally clueless. They know that America isn't a peaceful, functioning WIN-WIN democracy, and that politics are likely to get increasingly more violent and chaotic with Impeachment and the '20 Presidential election. Regardless of which party wins the election next November, millions of Americans will be in a heightened state of rage.

The Kabuki now starts in earnest.

At this time (19:50 MST 12/18/2019) BBC World News is reporting that the US House of (Non) Representatives has voted to impeach President Donald Trump on two counts, "Abuse of Power" and "Impeding Congress".

(Never mind that the US Congress itself is the source of almost all the impeding Congress faces!)

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Coming soon or already here?

With impeachment nothing but a sick joke, no accountability
of law, crooked hellary amongst others still free, tRumpolini
being the perfect foil for tptb, welcome to ameriKa's reality.

I wonder what the "greatest generation" is thinking?

Everything that's in bold was done by me

Impeachment is the Fruit of a Poisonous Tree

The OIG report acknowledges, Carter Page was an “operational contact” from 2008-2013 for an unnamed US Government intelligence agency, and this was withheld from the FISA Court. What the Horowitz report fails to acknowledge, however, is had Page not been infiltrated into the Trump Campaign by his Agency handlers, there would have been no Steele Memo, and thus no probable cause for commencing FISA wiretapping or even an FBI investigation.

Ron Paul summation of Impeachment Tyranny

Former Congressman from Texas Ron Paul nails the crux of the impeachment problem, the fact that the witnesses believe Trump should be impeached for changing the direction of our foreign policy, as if he had no business doing so.

The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings

Niko House makes an interesting connection

Victor Pinchuk. Ukranian Parliament member.
Atlantic Council board member
$25 million in charitable contributions to the Clinton Foundation
Atlantic Council is a partner with Burisma

How systemic was the corruption within the Obama administration, and who was really pulling the strings?

The Deep State blinks: pulling back from the precipice

Deep State, deep fake?

Foregoing discussion of what constitutes the Deep State, DS, consider one of the most prominent extrusions of the DS into our daily lives. It is called the government. The government as originally conceived by the intellectuals, was a social function which endeavored to provide for the life and wellbeing of the common folk. But government has never been such. Government always coerces the poor at the behest of the rich.

Another crazy theory of mine

I'm trying to make heads or tails of this impeachment thing.

The loser Dems are up to something ... and their superficial motivations don't explain it.

On the one hand, I support impeachment even though its failure in the Senate is a certainty. A line must be drawn, the record set straight for posterity. History will be our judge and all that rot.