Interesting video onthe proto-European Minoan Crete civilization

For a long time I have been fascinated with the lost Minoan civilization, which came to an abrupt end around 1600 BC.

Its not mentioned in this video but excavations at the site of Akrotiri tell of human sacrifice, in the shadow of the erupting volcano. Theysuggest human sacrifices were occurring.

This was the most advanced civilization in the world at that time? Scary.

Or were they? Were they actually heinous barbarians.

What America needs is more ideology, not less

Shadi Hamid wrote an article a few months back called Why the Center-Left Became Immoderate that really got me thinking. His first brilliant observation was pointing out that the "moderates" are also the most rabidly partisan.
This is the exact opposite of what the news media tries to sell us, and yet it is obvious.

My personal ideology

After getting some push-back this week, I realized that several of my assumptions may have been false.

For instance, I thought I was helping C99P by posting so much. I thought more content was a good thing.
I didn't realize that some people might resent it. That I was casting too large of a shadow.
I would like to know what the consensus thinks of that.

I could very well be getting on people's nerves. It certainly wouldn't be the first time I have.

This ideological encirclement chart explains why we lost Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Back in March, I published a diary: Pivoting to the center doesn't help if you've been surrounded. It got some play back then, but I had sort of forgotten that piece. Eight month feels like a lifetime ago.