Thinking Out Loud

I've been thinking about how demoralized most of us are. Frankly that is completely logical given current realities. I feel discouraged, powerless, frustrated, boxed in. I don't think the actual left in this country has disappeared, but we are scattered. I am exhausted by being outraged, finished with dwelling on that. I'm also finished with being cynical. Spending my time and energy that way feels a waste and a dead end road.

Hey! Just a thought here, but ...

I've been busy with recent personal issues, house and yard and my weekly vapid but hopefully entertaining OTs and thereby missed a bunch of major sturm und drang. Being curious I looked superficially into it and came up with dozens of great ideas for essays. I chose, however, to write this instead.

First, some basics:

What the hell is this place, anyway? It is a blog, a website, a community, a collection of authors and essays, commenters and comments, and music.