Where are the millions of missing workers? This could be where

Probably the biggest mystery today regarding the economy is "what happened to all the workers?"
The first theory was that they were all living large on UI benefits, so all that was necessary was to cut off those benefits and "problem solved".

In Desperate Need of Help - Updated

Rent is due and I haven't worked in such a long time I looking at being homeless quite shortly. I've got to generate $425 by the 5th of March, or I'm toast. (yikes!)

The good news is I finally qualified for SNAP benefits, but you can't buy toilet paper or paper towels with it. Gee go figure, I can get Alaskan King Crab, but not toilet paper. (I hate crab meat, any kind...)

Follow Up on Homeless in Sacramento

I am still trying to contact my friend in Sacramento. She is the lady in her seventies with two cats who had her home repossessed and is now living out of her car. A mutual friend is checking to see if there is a cell phone number for her.

Several people have mentioned a Go Fund Me for her. I have never done that so I have some questions. How do you set it up and can you set it up for another person? What would my friend have to do to get the money in the account?

The Homeless are Cold, Freezing.

Much of the country is being hit by extremely cold weather. This is a plea to remember the homeless. There are many. Oregon has less shelter capacity than most places, which means there are thousands of people stuck outside. Currently it is frozen and frigid outside. "Warming stations" open at night to get more people inside, but with limited capacity.

Homeless in Sacramento -- Need Help for a Friend

A dear friend of mine in the Sacramento area is in need of help. They reposed her house and threw her out on the streets. She is a widow in her seventies with 2 cats and living in her car. She has tried to get help but no one in the government wants to help her. She is a very sweet lady and doesn't deserve this. Is their anyone here that lives in the Sacramento area who can help?

Taboos and Lies

I've been thinking about the things we don't talk about (in the USA). We can talk about many things here. There are no rules forbidding it. But even here, some of these subjects are hot potatoes. And if there is an official story, parts of it are likely to be defended. It is as if we live lies, which must not be challenged.