In Desperate Need of Help - Updated

Rent is due and I haven't worked in such a long time I looking at being homeless quite shortly. I've got to generate $425 by the 5th of March, or I'm toast. (yikes!)

The good news is I finally qualified for SNAP benefits, but you can't buy toilet paper or paper towels with it. Gee go figure, I can get Alaskan King Crab, but not toilet paper. (I hate crab meat, any kind...)

Commonly Used Acronyms & Nicknames

Occasionally readers will run across an acronym or nickname they are unfamiliar with, and rather than ask what something means in a comment, they may wish to use the following list I've compiled. I made no effort to list every acronym or nickname known to humankind, I've simply listed a few. You won't find "lol" or "wth" or "bbf", but you'll find things we use on this site, maybe forgetting that others haven't been where we have been, and might not know what the heck we're talking about.

This may go over like a Pb ballon (you had to be there)

Unlike OT, we are free-wheeling. But there were occasional demographics surveys. Those got a little too-specific, like income, I don't care about that. OT, it seemed to sort mostly male. Sorry you who may have chromosome one way and beliefs the other. Or something. Poorly designed question. Age range might be nice.

My sense is that we run about 50/50 XX/XY. Does that sound less-judgemental?