For. The. Love. Of. Christ.

Look, people, words mean things, and, Humpty Dumpty notwithstanding, they mainly mean what they are understood to mean by the people who create and employ them. Wittgenstein also notwithstanding, we mostly don't have trouble agreeing about most of the things that fall into most of the categories we choose to assign to the phenomena we observe.

And now for a moment of sanity (diplomatic edition)

Every once in a while, not often but once in a while, the people whose job it is to skirt ever so carefully around a clear statement or position throw up their hands and take a position (of sorts) anyway.

The Weekly Watch

Is This the Moment to Build a Movement?

I think it is time...past unite the fight to end poverty in the world's wealthiest country, address the systemic racism reflected in our immoral prison system and police shootings, stop environmental degradation, and fund these cultural transitions (and restore a sense of humanity) by ending war. These four issues - poverty, racism, ecological destruction, and endless war – are intrinsically bound together. The Poor People's Campaign began forty days of action last Monday. Each week represents a different theme, and there are concurrent actions in thirty capitols.