Open Thread - 11-17-23 - Make a Friend

When I was two, I was put on the Baptist preacher's podium, sang "Do Lord" for the congregation. I remember it like it was yesterday. People were so sweet to me and my family afterwards.

Now, neither I nor my family was particularly religious. This was a song my fanatic g'ma taught me. I do not remember the Amen aspect. I remember the friendship and goodwill, remember my Dad picking me up, taking me through the crowd, being delighted and so proud of me. Dad. My best friend forever.

My friend lost everything in Hurricane Michael - UPDATED x 3!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for helping. You guys are awesome. Some folks have had trouble with the link, so you can go thru and use his email:

UPDATE 2: For those who wish to mail a check:
John Eugene Pline
4712 Park Blvd
Parker, Florida 32404

The Weekly Watch

Friends and Enemies

A man cannot be too careful in the choice of his enemies.
~ Oscar Wilde


It took me a few years of teaching to fully understand that what you do...your habits and behaviors...carry more meaning and impact than what you say. It is the adage “Actions speak louder than words”. I think looking at what nation states do, not what they say, is an excellent strategy too. A couple of weeks ago we discussed the making of a more perfect oligarchy. I expressed amazement that the oligarchs no longer feel the need to hide behind purchased politicians, but are out front, self serving politicians for all to see. This week I want to make a similar point about our friends and enemies. Why is Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive monarchy in the world, our good buddy..., and nations like Iran, Syria, and Venezuela are so horrible that we feel compelled to ignore their international rights and assume that we must conquer and corporatize them?

White Light Bellows Box Machine

White Light Bellows Box Machine

Roll the language up the hill

bee still new heart
much pollinating yet to do


living anew

bright as morning dew

wet with appetite and fight

mighty fine delights

bee strong new heart


the horn blew and blew and blue

bee meek new heart

butterfly by the tree

ladybug bumping its way

saving lucky days