Trump IS Obama's Legacy

This is the best explanation for why Trump was elected over Hillary. It all comes back to Obama's failed legacy. It would be one thing if the GOP did block his legislation, but he and the democrats had a filibuster proof majority for many months and they squandered it. Why this is relevant today is because once again democrats are running a candidate with an abhorrent history of bad policies that Trump can use again and run to the left of them. And once again millions of people are hurting and even worse than during Obama's tenure and Joe Biden is telling us that no he will not lift a finger to help us. Well then why in hell should I or any democrat vote for him? Is he campaigning on rolling back the destructive things that Trump has done? Not to my knowledge. So then will he be the democratic hat trick and once in office pass the legislation that Trump wasn't able to like Clinton and Obama did for their predecessors and once again being the GREATER EVIL?

Wall Street is back to the same scams, but with different words

It doesn't take a genius to predict this outcome.
Almost no bankers got thrown in jail for systemic fraud, and few bankers lost their jobs for making stupid loans.
So with no consequences, why not do it all again but repackaged, amirite?