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I'm at the Florida Folk Festival, so I won't be around till Tuesday to respond, but I hope you'll chime in with your thoughts. With looming food shortages I thought it would be fun to revisit ideas around diet and food production. If you don't think food is political checkout the links below the fold. You vote with your fork. You can put medicine or junk at the end of it. I've learned over the years people are as set in their diets as they are their religion. However, with impending grain shortages it might be nice to remind people we don't need grains nor are they particularly good for you.

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Open Thread - Homesteading in France

Food and Eating in France

This is the time of year when France goes into a deep slumber. This time of long sleep is punctuated by Fêtes such as Noël, Epiphany (coming of the Three Wise Men on January sixth), and lately Valentines' Day.)

But long-cooked meals and intimate gatherings are also looked forward to in these long nights.

Meet StevenD, riverlover in Cortland, NY!

Meet StevenD, riverlover and Wink in Cortland, NY for our first ever C-99 Meetup!
It's going to be Fri. Jan. 5th, 5pm 'til 7pm for an early dinner at Doug's Fish Fry in Cortland. Possibly an after dinner drink at a local pub. Doug's has shrimp and clams as well as a damn fine fish sandwich or dinner for your dining pleasure. Beer, too. No real plan here except to meet & greet, and possibly plan a bigger event in Utica, NY. We hope to see you in Cortland in January!