So, Kavanaugh seals the deal of the Supreme Court among all the goodwill and collegiality required for the occasion. That is to say, he affirms the trend already set by a court which had pronounced Bush to be the “elected” President in 2000, and had decided that corporations were people just like us, and so on.

A Nation of Men and Women, not Laws

As a longtime leftie, I despair of the deliberately self-defeating tactics the so-called opposition is using to get rid of Trump: "blame Russia" and "Me Too". To pick these two tactics when there are so many other avenues for actually impeaching the man (before he sells what is left of America to the billionaire class, and then blows us all to kingdom come) shows what a phony, Kabuki theater our duopolistic political system has become.

People Don't Like Hard Questions (or How Feminism is Killing the Left))

I expect a lot from the authors and posters here. I expect that you're informed on the issues of the day. I expect your stories to be true when portrayed as true, to the very best of your abilities. It is expecting a lot perhaps, but I've seen a sliver of your souls. And I'm comforted. For I am certain that you expect a lot of yourselves also. You hold yourselves to high standards here. Standards of intellectual honesty and compassion, among other nobler qualities. Evidence and reality.

Can we stop pretending that norms have not changed?

Not for the first time, I find myself shaking my head at the apparent either:

A. lapse in recollection
B. somewhat startling contemporary obliviousness

exhibited by a whole lot of people with respect to "norms" of social-sexual behavior, and especially, what those norms were back in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Monday Morning Open Thread

Hey, good Morning. This Monday Morning Open Thread is due to be published by 6:00 am Pacitic Time. Johnny says it must be up by 5:00 am Pacific time to meet that deadline (the server must be running Windows). Hence, it is being drafted and queued Sunday evening and I will show up as soon as I get up and get going. (As a retiree, I have a lot of flexibility in that regard.)