Organization trying to shut down freedom of speech?

Since there is clearly an organization trying to take over the world actully several interlocking organizations are, and they all express contempt for democracy . I think coming to a conclusion that they are arrayed gainst online free speech and trying to destroy it by dirty tricks, is quite reasonable. I just wanted to post out that this group seems to me to likely be associated with prominnt Democrats or ex-Democrats. (they are certainly not Democratic) If you care about democracy,.

OT - Censorship, Deplatforming, and Other Threats to C99

There are two segments to this and the first is broader and more general. Those paying attention have noticed that there has been a major assault on dissenting and/or otherwise non-conforming narratives and the creators of such by faceplant, tweeter, you tube and similar content transmission vehicles up to and including even pieces of the MSM like Faux News.

Hot Air

There’s a Lot of Conjecture Flying Around

Seems like everyone is talking about COVID-19. COVID-19 in the Big House, that is. Almost everyone I encounter. Gasping for air? When was the last test? Will he die? Lung x-rays are confidential? Kabuki? Reality TV? You decide. (Is he our president or does he just play one on TV?)



Not Fascism but inverted totalitarianism

In my last diary, I discussed how Donald Trump was not a "Fascist," but rather an exterminist, someone whose policies were so bad that their inevitable result was the extermination of significant numbers of human beings. To be fair, the idea of "exterminism" is merely a reference to ultimate effects; it doesn't serve as a complete political theory. This diary suggests a preliminary sketch of the political theory.

Neoliberalism is the slick salesman of fascism

If you listen to media pundits and politicians you would think that the emergence of proto-fascist forces arose in some working-class vacuum, amongst people who are infected with bigotry. Unlike their rulers.
The fault lies with unenlightened, uneducated voters who wouldn't listen to the ruling elites, thus exposing the flaws of democracy.

After all that has happened people are foolish enough to still believe elections are an answer?

I am 82 years old and fighting congestive heart failure among other candidates to be my end. I sit here and read the childish recitations bout how we will solve problems by winning elections. I wonder if these people slept through my lifetime and especially the past three years.

Does Trump know more about this country than you do?

Before you answer think about what your answer will tell about you. He did get to be president didn't he? To do that he had to be free of many of the myths that conventional politics has made part of us.

Let me give an example. On July 4th someone "over there" pointed out the wording in our Declaration of Independence about things like "freedom" and "all men created equal", etc. and that it was written by slave owners and people who would commit genocide.

The murderous trail of violent emotion in the modern era (Reflections on "The Age of Anger")

To be historically literate is difficult. One must work hard to avoid the boatloads of elitist propaganda, and written-by-the-victors just-so stories. As an auto-didact in the area, it has taken me a lifetime to accidentally trip over accurate and concise books about history. (Conciseness is key because it makes for a wider readership.)