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Seeing Through the Narratives

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Perhaps the pandemic brought some awareness of the lies promoted to control us. Anyone paying attention now sees the virus was engineered, deaths were exaggerated to manufacture fear, lockdowns were unnecessary and harmful, adverse reactions to the vax were not allowed to be made public as were simple preventative measures, ivermectin was an effective treatment, and many more lies. As this community is well aware, there are many more lies being pushed on variety of topics. Let's dive into some of those schemes below the fold.

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Political Polling Pushes Duopoly Narrative

I don't ever answer my phone for calls from an unknown number, so I never participate in political polls. But today, they decided to get creative and sent a text message inviting me to give my opinions via a text survey. This seemed like a fun enough distraction, so I said ok.

Here is the part that floored me the most:

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