Extinction Rebellion

Jimmy Dore video looks like it is being swarmed by trolls.

Jimmy is doing an interview about Extinction Rebellion, and his comment section is being flooded with comments that look really ignorant and like an organized swarm. What do you think? Am I misreading this situation?


The Weekly Watch

Variety, Varmints, and Victims

It's been a week of protest around the world. Do any of you remember such a global protest movement? Thousands of people have been arrested world wide.
I've been struggling with a groundhog all week. The varmint mowed down my broccoli in one night. Its groundhog day all over again.
We're losing diversity and variety of our food plants. This week we'll examine some attempts to maintain and grow many types food producing plants.
This first clip is dedicated to 'The Voice In the Wilderness' our resident tree grafter (11 min)

Hot Air

Something to keep in mind…

the international focus on fossil fuels
has overshadowed

the most powerful and cost-efficient
carbon-capture technology

the world has yet seen: forests

intact forests

are capable of storing

the equivalent
of the carbon dioxide emissions

of entire countries